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17 June 2012 @ 10:12 pm
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updated feb. 27th, 2006. add me, then comment. if i feel we do not have enough in common, don't be saddened. if i don't reply to your comment within two-three weeks (i get busy sometimes. XD), then remove me from your list.

everything is f-locked except for a few entries that i feel could be public.

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layout by meadow @ hoist
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it's that time of the year again... summer! =) which entails summer reading homework for me, and a bunch of other random, useless activities that will probably get me nowhere. D: but for you, it means i'm opening my playlist for requests! =]

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04 June 2006 @ 10:54 pm
Playlist can be found here.

- Maximum of 4 songs at a time, but feel free to come back after I've filled your request. =)
- Songs will be uploaded separately to YSI, so speak up if you don't like those terms.
- Music is a mix of .mp3 & .m4a, but there are a few .m4ps floating around. If you request a .m4p, I'll try my best to convert it, but I use JHymn, and it can't convert any songs purchased with iTunes 6.0+.

edit: feel free to take any of the songs that have been already uploaded. =)

edit 2
: ysi is being a pain, so all things will temporarily be uploaded to sendspace. if this doesn't work for you, and i've already uploaded the files, just let me know and i'll try using something else.
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03 June 2006 @ 12:11 am
- comment if taking
- textless icons aren't bases
- credit boombaibe
- don't claim as your own
- don't hotlink. upload to your own server.
- do not use on any site other than lj without my permission

0-12 = various stock images
13-14 = alias
15-00 = veronica mars

no teasers in case i cause damage to your retinas. =P

in celebration of summer! huzzah!
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07 April 2006 @ 06:43 pm
my first try at icons... XDDDD they're all behind the cut to stop immediate eye damage. =P i figured i'd release this in celebration of my spring break... so yeah... twenty-five icons behind the cut. critisicm is welcome.

[11] Sydney from Alias
[4] Kurt Halsey
[3] Stock
[7] Silas from Weeds (different variations)
[25] Total

- credit boombaibe
- comment with what you take
- hotlinking is bad.
- edit
- enjoy~! =3

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listening to: imogen heap meantime